Top Virtual Cybersecurity Events for 2020
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Top Virtual Cybersecurity Events for 2020


Top Virtual Cybersecurity Events for 2020

Cybersecurity events are the new talk of the town thanks to the many developments that they put forth into the world. It is the perfect venue for professionals and amateurs to get a grip of their operations and move ahead against the test of time. As such events also bring out opinions and advice from leading experts, the benefits of attending the same tend to go on and on. So in order to help you get the complete picture and schedule your time, here are the top Virtual Cybersecurity Events for 2020.

1. Black Hat USA (August 1-6)

Black Hat USA

Moving into its 23rd year, Black Hat USA has turned out to be a successful event that offers attendees the latest security research, developments and other trends that they need to know about. With training to be held from August 1st to 4th, briefings might take place on August 5th and 6th. The hands-on offensive and defensive skill-building opportunities that it places forward are essential aspects that need to be considered by everyone. With that in mind, don’t forget to miss out on this global opportunity.

2. The Diana Initiative (August 6-7)

The Diana Initiative is a well-recognised event that has been changing things for the better. With a clear focus on women, inclusion and diversity in information security, the event brings forward multiple speakers who are well-versed in all that they do. Although the event was not scheduled to be a virtual one, the current effects of the pandemic forced the organisers to consider the option. The slogan for the year is “Breaking Boundaries Byte by Byte”, and that talks about all that you need to expect.

3. DEF CON 28 (August 6-9)

DEF CON 28 (August 6-9)

As a leading hacking conference, DEFCON is one of the most popular cybersecurity conferences that take place every year. The DEFCON Forums will be used to coordinate various ways for participants to get involved in the online event and set things up accordingly. Due to that, all that is bound to happen, attendees can now look forward to a new online Mystery Challenge, remote Capture the Flag events, contests, villages and even a remote movie night.

4. AusCERT 2020 (September 15-18)

AusCERT has a vast history behind it as it is one of the oldest cybersecurity conferences in Australia. The 19th annual AusCERT Conference is looking to make matters meet and beat the previous record of attracting over 800 participants. With more than 50 speakers coming to the forefront, one will get a complete idea about the current scenario in the world of cybersecurity through sessions, tutorials, workshops and so on. Hence, remember the date and go forward to learn and discover more.


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